CraftO’Clock - new collections and Special Offer


First of all, we would like to let you know you can order many many novelties from  CraftO'Clock, among others:

  • 3 new collections (2 of them are Mixed Media with RICE and TRACING PAPERS)
  • more DIGI LABELS and CHARMING EXTRAS your customers love so much
  • cardboard quotes for Granma and Grandpa
  • 190gsm versions of Christmas Time and Snowy Winterland Paper Collections Set 6"*6"

SHIPMENT starts on Thursday (October 21st), but these products may be shown in your shops and your customers may pre-order them

If you order them till October 26th, 12% discount will be granted for all new products, as well as for most of  2020/2021 collections.

On the other hand, many collections 2020 will soon be sold out and therefore these collections - until the stock lasts, we offer a discount of 20%,  It's a last moment to buy Sleep and Dream, Love me Forever, Miracle Night or Frosty Sparkling and many more - please take a look:

-20% until the stock lasts

 -12% or -20% offer cannot be combined with the Free Shipping Offer. In the event of a combination of these 2 special offers, the more favorable offer for the buyer will be awarded.

Please take a look at gorgeous CraftO'Clock novelties :

190 gsm Paper Collection Set 6"*6" Christmas Time

190 gsm Paper Collection Set 6"*6" Snowy Winterland

Rays Of Sunshine

Ominous Marshes, Mixed Media

Painted By The Wind, Mixed Media

New Stencils (thickness 0,25 mm, semi-translucent, 2 sizes: 15x16 cm and 8*16cm)

Digi Label Sets 

and coordinated Charming Extras


Earlier releases:

2021 August/September

Christmas Time

Basic 13 - Red Mood - isn't it perfect for Xmas?

Stencils (thickness 0,25 mm, semi-translucent, 2 sizes: 15x16 cm and 8*16cm)

Snowy Winterland, Mixed Media

Creative Young - School Adventures

Creative Young - Cosmic Adventures

Digi Label Sets

Charming Extras Set - Autumn

Cardboard inscriptions


2021 July

Flower Fiesta

Charming Premium Extras Set -Wedding

Basic 10 - Light Grey Mood

Basic 11 - Pink Mood

Basic 12 - Blue Mood

Basic Flower Sets with mirror print (after cutting, the same flower / leaf will be visible on both sides of the paper)


2021 June

Summer Flowers

Woodland Friends

Ocean Deep, Mixed Media

Basic 08 - Yellow Mood

Basic 09 - Lavender Mood

Basic Flowers Set 6, Yellow

Basic Flowers Set 7, Lavender

Tracing Papers Set 6 Universal, Mixed Media

2021 April

Basic 06 - Purple-Fuchsia Mood

Basic 07 - Mint Mood

Basic - Flowers and Leaves sets with mirror double-sided print

2021 March

Force of Gentleness
Blooming Retreat, Mixed Media
Bittersweet Heights, Mixed Media

Basic 04 - White-Beige Mood

Basic 05 - Turquoise Mood
Tracing Papers Set 4 Mixed Media

Cardboard inscriptions

Cardboards - Age of Technology, the Sweeters

2021 February

On the Wings Of Fantasy

Magical Mysteries

2021 January releases:

Hours of Longing

Wedding Dream

Basic 01 - Green Mood

Basic 02 - Gray Mood

Basic 03 - Brown Mood

Home Decor Rice Papers

Digi Label Sets

Mixed Media sheets


Novemer releases:
September releases:
August releases:
July releases:
June releases:
May releases:

March releases:
Dream Shadow, Mixed Media
Celebrate Moments
February releases:
Age of Technology
Hummingbird Song
Creative Reverie


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