ScrapBerry’s handmade natural flowers

Who missed ScrapBerry's handmade natural mulberry flowers?
We are happy to let you know they are back!
With each description, you will find the diameter (at its widest point) and stem dimensions, if any. Please note the flowers are handmade and all dimensions are approximate.
All flowers are packed in cc bags with eurowhole with a label in English on it. In our newsletter you will find some pictures of packages to give you an idea of ​​what it looks like. The same with the pictures of back sides of the flowers.
We did our best to provide you high quality pictures you can see the details and true colours, but you need to be aware the colours you see depend on the settings of your monitor.
On our site, you can find 500x500, 600dpi pictures and of course you can download them all with one click. If you need larger pictures, please contact your Account Manager
Please take a look at our flowers:

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